NC Memories


5/8/2017 –This page will be added to constantly so I hope that everyone will continue to check back throughout my journey for these next two years.

I started this blog for my class and also to chronicle for my Aunt, my journey, not just through grad school, but for my time in North Carolina.

It will take me some time to post, I have not transferred a lot of my photos and I have journal some of my thoughts elsewhere.  This will be good for me as I cannot put my photos in my journal, but I can however, put my thoughts here with my photos.

I am not sure where this photo was taken, I just know I was lost. 3/27/2017
I took this picture in Matthews, NC, I took it because it has no bark, and it was close enough for me to touch. 3/28/2017
This photo was taken on the side of the road when I was traveling to Charlotte. I took back roads so I could see the areas and was profoundly moved by the history and pain that is still among us. 3/29/2017
My latest venture to Lyons Farm in Creedmor, NC. 5/7/2017



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