Vlog on Care

This is my Vlog presentation on care.  I utilized our textbook, a YouTube Video and a journal article. Communication ethics literacy: Dialogue and difference by Ronald Arnett, Janie M Harden-Fritz and Leanne Bell in Chapter 11 page 199 -Health Care Communication Ethics. You Tube video from the 1998 movie Patch Adams regarding Care. Directed by... Continue Reading →

Rough Draft Communication Ethics

Emotional Relationships Between Doctor & Patients Summary/Abstract Healthcare is an issue around the world from the cost of prescription drugs to the care of patients.  Issues regarding healthcare is not new, however, the relationship between doctor and patient has become more recognized through time.  Communication between doctor and patient is challenging with the use of... Continue Reading →

Community of memory…

The reading this week had me reflecting on a few things of the application of a community of memory.  The first thing I thought of while reading Communication ethics literacy: Dialogue and difference by Arnett, Harden-Fritz and Bell (2008) was the culture in the different jobs that I have held.  When I was younger I... Continue Reading →

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