Vlog on Care

This is my Vlog presentation on care.  I utilized our textbook, a YouTube Video and a journal article.

  • Communication ethics literacy: Dialogue and difference by Ronald Arnett, Janie M Harden-Fritz and Leanne Bell in Chapter 11 page 199 -Health Care Communication Ethics.
  • You Tube video from the 1998 movie Patch Adams regarding Care. Directed by Tom Shadyac 1998.
  • Journal Article from Jonathan Matusitz and Jennifer Spear in 2014 regarding Effective Doctor–Patient Communication: An Updated Examination.

Healthcare is an issue around the world from the cost of prescription drugs to the care of patients.  Issues regarding healthcare is not new, however, the relationship between doctor and patient has become more recognized through time.  Communication between doctor and patient is challenging with the use of different languages or the descriptions of unknown illness, however, what I have experienced is the emotional connection between doctors and patients.  Studies show the increased developmental connection between doctors and patients, has assisted with faster patient recovery and a more humanized doctor. Through dialogic communication ethics, the understanding between doctor and patient relationships is the desire to learn from each other through individual differences.

Below is a list of my references that have helped me not only in this presentation, but my Inquiry Project as well.


Arnett, R.C., Harden-Fritz, J. M. & Bell, L. M. (2008). Communication ethics literacy: Dialogue and difference. Los Angeles: Sage.

Chadwick, R. J., & Lown, B. A. (2016). Ethics and communication skills: What do we need to do to sustain compassionate medical care?. Medicine, 44(Ethics and Communication Skills), 583-585. doi:10.1016/j.mpmed.2016.07.003

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Matusitz, J., & Spear, J. (2014). Effective Doctor–Patient Communication: An Updated Examination. Social Work In Public Health, 29(3), 252-266. doi:10.1080/19371918.2013.776416

MovieClips. (2011, May, 30) Patch Adams (8/10) Movie CLIP – You Treat a Person (1998) HD[Video File]. Retrieved from https://youtu.be/Pr9ruvxA3K4?list=PLZbXA4lyCtqq22KiAEmWBUCTk81VZXt3W

Shadyac, T, (Director).  (1998). Patch Adams[Motion Picture] United States: Universal Studios

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