Peanut Section..Undue Confidence and Unsubstantiated Opinion

I normally do not pay attention to the comments from articles that I read, I tend to think of them as the peanut section.  Where everyone has an opinion that seldom has anything to do with the message of the article.  Since I struggled to find articles that had comments, I decided once I hit the jackpot of such articles I would read a few, what can it hurt?  If anything, it opened my eyes to how much undue confidence and unsubstantiated opinions make the peanut section however there are some well put comments too.

The first article I read is from The New York Times, “Freed From ISIS, Yazidi Women Return in ‘Severe Shock’”is about the girls that have walked away from ISIS after three years of captivity.  The family and doctors describe the girls as being in a state of unconsciousness, severe shock, and psychological upset, worse than the girls that were rescued in the first two years.  Even though they are not in captivity physically they are still there mentally.  That is harder to understand if one has never been in the situation of being mentally tormented.  Reading these comments tell of this being an unspeakable crime, criticizing the current President and Past, comparing it the holocaust.  The commenters have established a grounded stance that there is nothing right about what has happened to these individuals (Arnett, Harden-Fritz and Bell, 2008 p. 103).  It is morally wrong not only what ISIS has done but the United States as well.  However, to place blame on others is viewed as normal, when we as individuals, have a hand in all the transpires.

Other articles that I read just the comments on were equally as brutal.  I would estimate that three fourths of the comments were negative from other comments I read.  Is this what has become the norm to our society?  According to Arnett et al., “we attempt to control our public lives to the extent of overrunning reality.”  To pick and view the negative of the life around us without giving a thought to what our role in society is.  I understand that this allows people the Freedom of Speech however, what is the good for all this opinionated and bias dialogue? We need to learn how to focus on the good and how can we become productive enough to stray away from the peanut sections that are riddled with undue confidence and unsubstantiated opinions.

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