Abstract:  The purpose of this study was to determine how stakeholders or actors perceive the meaning or importance of the project, their roles in the project, for or against, and what some of the positive or negative consequences of the implementation of the project might be regarding TransCanada- USA Keystone Oil Pipeline Project (KXL). This will show how KXL has been framed in the media and how it directly impacts an individual’s perception or how they utilize that discourse to construct a social reality. Comparing media discourse on the issue to that of other stakeholders such as landowners, environmentalists, and policy makers will show the power that is portrayed through the media.  Analyzing the environmental issues that mirror the KXL will show the power that is given through each other. Then analyzing the discourse from a stakeholder’s perception will show the dis-empowerment that is felt as an individual regarding environmental issues.


Discourses of Oil Politics2

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